Two days of Open Design / Shared Creativity

Over two very hot days in early July, ‘open’ was the buzzword in Barcelona. Open design, open practices, sharing, co-creation, the digital commons and creative commons licensing, makerbots and arduino, fashion, craft, downloadable design, crowdfunding, open archives, new aesthetics and much, much more.

We had a truly fantastic international line-up of speakers, and they all agreed to share their talks with us on the conference website. So head that way for audios of all the talks, as well as a few videos and slideshows.

As part of the programme of activities around the conference, we also set up a couple of experimental graphic design projects based on co-creation, through twitter and dropbox. More on those soon.


4 thoughts on “Two days of Open Design / Shared Creativity

  1. Maria

    I would like to know more information about this conference, it sounds so interesting. As a grafic designer, I would love to hear more news.

  2. Viviana Narotzky Post author

    Hi Maria,
    Thanks, glad you’re interested in the topic. The good news is the 2nd edition is coming up this year, over two days on July 5 and 6. Save the date!
    You can get more info at
    See you in July!


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